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A well-written first novel with complex characters and unexpected twists on old themes.

- Kirkus Review

The Book

Grace for Tomorrow

Growing up as a middle child in a happy Mennonite home, Mary enjoys good friends, excels in school, and has a growing interest in her brother’s best friend.

Then tragedy strikes! Mary’s faith in God is shattered as she questions everything she always believed to be true – God, family, and friends. Wading through a mountain of hurts and disappointments, she struggles to find purpose in her life. Anxious and alone, Mary is forced to decide between good and evil, between life and death.

Francis is a young mother of two who works the early shift as a waitress at the local diner. Weighed down by financial struggles, her husband, Mike, turns to alcohol, abuse, and infidelity. After an exceptionally violent attack, Francis wakes up to find Mike is gone. How will she raise her children by herself?

God can help if they will let him…..but will they?